South Walton alum talks about big week at the U.S. Open

Alexa Guarachi is the first Alabama tennis alum to win a Grand Slam match.
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NEW YORK, NY (WJHG/WECP) South Walton and Alabama alum Alexa Guarachi is looking ahead to a trip to the Orient, while also looking back at a pretty good run at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament the last several days.

Guarachi and her first-time doubles partner Bernarda Pera winning two matches over the last week, and making it to the Round of 16 this weekend, before falling in round three to the team of Caroline Dolehide and Vania King.

Guarachi not only notching her first doubles win in a Grand Slam tourney, after five previous first round losses, but she also becomes the first Alabama alum to win a match in a Grand Slam event.

So, as she told Joel by phone a few hours ago, with a tourney win over the summer, and into the fall with this kind of showing, there is plenty to build upon, though she's trying not to become complacent with any of it.

"Yeah, yeah, I feel like, I haven't really been thinking too much about it." Alexa told us. "I kind of like...I really don't think much about the things I've achieved I guess. I guess I just kind of keep my head down and keep working hard because I know that there is still a long way to go and I'm definitely not happy, I mean I'm not content with my results. I feel like, even with the match we lost on Sunday you know, I feel like we were in the match and we could have won. It gets me hungrier I guess, gets me more excited about what's to come because I know my tennis is right there at the top with everyone else. So I want better and better results I guess." (laughs)

Alexa says the atmosphere at the Open was amazing, electric even. She says when you play in front of the crowds there, you can't helped but be fired up.

"It's been amazing." Guarachi said. "I think when you play your first Slam you're just happy to be there. And you're just excited and you want to play well. That's the biggest goal you know. And since I lost a bunch of first round (Grand Slam matches) I was like this is it, I want this one to be it. Especially at Wimbledon, being so close, we lost in the third set. And then coming into this event, I honestly wasn't thinking so much about how my results were here, I just knew I was playing well. I just wanted to come in here and play well and compete hard."

As for pairing with Pera, who is, for the most part, just a singles player, that went well, despite the two getting in just one workout together before the tournament began.

"Honestly I had no idea what to expect from here on the doubles court. But obviously it ended up...she's such a great player and she's open to me kind of like telling her things, what to do, you know, talk about tactics and stuff which is really cool. I think we both shared a lot of intensity on the court. We played really hard and I kind of think that's why we had the results that we did."

Now ranked 85th in the world, the pair of Grand Slam wins will earn Guarachi 130 WTA points. Next stop, a trip to China for a tournament there. She'll play there with Guiliana Olmos for that.

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