Teams fuel boats and bodies ahead of ECBC

Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 11:21 PM CDT
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Ordinarily, the schedule calls for the fleet to depart Thursday at midday for the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic.

This year, the schedule slides back a day because of choppy conditions so the teams won't leave until Friday. Thursday was another day of gearing up the boats, fueling them up--and we're talking about a lot of fuel.

And then there was the refueling of bodies, a hangover clinic sponsored by Hattera and Gulf Coast Yacht Group. Before you laugh, there is an actual science to this.

"75 percent of the United States is walking around dehydrated at all times," clinic director Mark Garriga said. "These guys come down here, they are already dehydrated. Then they're out in the sun at these different events, a lot of them are drinking, none of them are drinking water. They're drinking coffee, tea, sodas, which are all natural diuretics. They dehydrate you even more. We are trying to get them to go out and be in the sun, fighting these fish for the next three days. They are getting a 1000 mL bag of fluids that has potassium, calcium, electrolytes B12, vitamin C, B complex, and they do oxygen the entire time."

Mark travels the country putting on clinics like this.

"We get a lot of athletes, a lot of fighters, a lot of ballplayers, a lot of CrossFit, a lot of runners, a lot of the tennis players. They do it before the event and after the event."

The teams appreciate the effort.

"You can go out and fish for two or three days and try to drink all the water you can, but that doesn't do exactly what this will do," Tracy Green of Gulf Coast Yacht Group said. "Putting all the fluids back in there and the B12 and everything, it's a whole lot better than just having a case of water when you're out there for two or three days."

A lot of the competitors are now in better shape to go out and search for a big blue marlin on Friday.

ECBC coverage is brought to you by Tropical Spas & Pools and AJ's Seafood and Oyster Bar and continues through Sunday on NewsChannel 7.

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