Roberts family reflects on titles and family at Sneads

SNEADS, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - Taylor Roberts' volleyball career started long before she walked the halls at Sneads and signed with the Seminoles.

"I remember being ten or eight and going to a camp there at FSU," Taylor Roberts, Sneads senior said. "I was rewarded with a hustle reward and I got to play in a drill with the actual players."

That was the start of something special for her and her family.

"She was identified at a very early age through USA volleyball," Sheila Roberts, Sneads volleyball coach said. "Actually, through her exposure in that program, I learned a lot too as a coach."

Sheila Roberts is Taylor's mother. She's also a five time state champion volleyball coach thanks in large part to her daughters.

"That's really awesome because it's not often that anybody randomly gets to win a state championship," Taylor said. "And it's especially awesome that three people in our family have the same accomplishment."

The Sneads streak started in 2013 with Sheila's oldest daughter Ashlyn starting as a setter and defensive specialist.

When Taylor joined the team as a libero in 2014, they never skipped a beat.

On and off the floor, this family has never stopped learning from each other.

"Mom has been my coach through club and through school," Taylor said. "My sister has really set an example for me. A lot of things that she does as an athlete, I respect and want to do the same as her."

"I think it's a real inspiration for other girls, young girls especially, young ones that aspire to be a college layer one day to see that you can be from Sneads and make it there," coach Roberts said.

This state championship is their final one together. Ashlyn is at South Alabama, Taylor is off to FSU next fall, and Sheila is leaving her post at Sneads to move to Tallahassee.

But they'll they'll always be champions.

"It'll be an exciting thing, something they'll never forget," coach Roberts said. "They'll tell their grand kids and, you know, they'll be a legend in their family, for sure."

And they'll always be family.