The folks at the PCB Sports Complex are high tech when it comes to lining their fields

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG/WECP) Listen to the folks who run the new Panama City Beach Sports Complex talk, and you'll hear the term "state of the art" used a bit.

This gadget helping those at the PCB Sports Complex line the fields better than ever, and in a time and money saving manner!

Walking around the still unfinished park, the entry, the ballfields, well you can see that seems accurate.

As part of the venue's claim to being "state of the art" is the way they line the many fields at the complex.

It's a high tech tool that uses 13 different satellites while saving money and time!

"It's short name is Ion Turf Tank. We affectionately call it Wall-E! says Rick Whorton, who is the facilities manager at the complex.

And yeah kids, that Wall-E, the space robot that captured hearts back in 2008!

"He kind of had an eye that looked likes that so we affectionately call it Wall-E. It is a GPS located liner!" says Whorton.

And it works this way, says Whorton, once you've dropped in the paint!

"It is a GPS located (field) liner. Currently I'm able to hit 13 GPS different satellites and that's what helps get the accuracy so tight. It relays the information from this tablet which is where I load the plans. Once I set my corner flags, this machine will go right to that spot every time and start painting.

And oh how it paints, to near perfection and in a time and money saving manner!

"It will line a soccer field in about 30 minutes, a full sized soccer field Where in the past it would take two men approximately two hours."

And when it's done, well the end product is better. Even an old pro like Whorton doesn't begrudge that!

"I've been marking athletic fields for over 30 years. I can run a pretty straight line, but this machine is accurate to within one inch. And I cannot do within one inch."

"We're going above and beyond" says J.D. Wood, the General Manager of the PCB Sports Complex "doing anything we can to differentiate ourselves from the market. Again trying to be good stewards of the dollars that we have on day to day operations. But again thinking forward, thinking of ways to be better and ways to improve."

The official opening of the complex is set for October 5th. The fields and several different sports will be on display that day.

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