The next two seniors, Dixon and Highsmith, have their say!

POPLAR SPRINGS/MARIANNA, FL (WJHG/WECP) Now to our next two Senior Sports Spotlights. First we're chatting with Lydia Dixon a senior softball player at Poplar Springs, who started with what she loves most about the game!

Innovations Federal Credit Union Senior Sports Spotlight

"Just really getting to take time with my friends and work together. And develop discipline and hard work. And just really how to trust each other."

Lydia and other Atomics seniors honored with this "Senior Night" parade a couple of weeks ago, told us as much as she hates the seaso ending prematurely, well that can't erase what she'll carry with her forever from her days on the diamond.

"Yes all my memories just flood my head and are just so fun to think about!"

Next up we hear from a player who roams the outfield for coach Bobby Hughes and the Marianna Bulldogs.

"My name is Ty Highsmith, I'm a senior here at Marianna High School. I play baseball for the Marianna Bulldogs. I play outfield. I love everything about the sport of baseball you know, it's just a great sport. What I miss about it is every day at practice to try and make yourself better. I miss the opportunity on game nights, you know, bus rides and trips. And last but not least, I miss my coach, coach (Bobby) Hughes, he's a good man and a great coach!"

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