Trent Forrest cherishes Chipley roots at FSU

Published: Jan. 2, 2018 at 12:52 PM CST
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When FSU players stroll through Tallahassee, people take notice.

"Most of the time, they do," Trent Forrest said. "They can kind of tell by the height and everything that we're basketball players."

They know Trent, even if they have no idea where he's from.

"A lot of people, they're like 'what's Chipley, where is Chipley?' And I'm just like, you kind of have to say Tallahassee. Close to Tallahassee, close to Panama. I feel like it prepared me well for where I am now."

Forrest is in the big time now, playing in the state capital in the nation's best basketball conference. Although the more things change, the more they stay the same.

"It's kind of the same, just on a larger scale, just more people. As a whole, everybody when they see us, they speak to us, they come up and talk to us, ask for pictures and things. It's really a great environment here. all the fans and supporters are great."

Forrest is pretty great himself, and he has been as long as anyone can remember.

"We saw him really young," FSU associate head coach Stan Jones recalled. "He had just finished his middle school season and the coach at the time at Chipley had brought him into practice because he thought he was going to be really good. That coach turned out to be a real prophet."

Trent smashed the Tigers' all-time school scoring record. He won't be doing that at FSU, but his play in his freshman and sophomore seasons is already making a strong impression.

"I cannot even fathom how high his ceiling could become if he continues," Jones said. "His work ethic allows him to, his character allows him to. I think the sky's the limit for the young man."

At the start of ACC play, Forrest is the team leader in assists and steals per game. He also leads the team by example.

"Trent has a certain level of maturity and focus that's beyond his years," head coach Leonard Hamilton said. "He's a youngster that seems to have things in perspective, life in general. Specifically in basketbball, he understands how hard it is to be the best."

Being the best is still what Forrest strives for.

"I still have a lot of goals I still want to accomplish before I leave here. Every day, just go out and work hard to try to get those goals."

Wherever he goes, he'll always remember how he got there.

"I mean, college humbled me in a way, not to let everything else ge too big because I know the little things matter. I know where I came from."