U.S. Youth Soccer tournament hits Panama City Beach this week

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) If you notice some young men wearning soccer attire around Panama City Beach this week, well there's a good reason for that. P.C. Beach is hosting a rather big tournamentthis weekend at Frank Brown Park and the Panama City Beach Sports Complex.

144 teams in PCB as part of U.S. Youth Soccer event

The U.S. Youth Soccer National League Boys Fall Showcase bringing in from 30 states. These teams getting in four games here at the new PCB Sports Park as well as Frank Brown Park during their four or five day stay. 114 teams in total, with the age groups from 15U to 19U.

The quality of competition is high, and given the ages of the players involves, well that brings in scouts and coaches looking to fill out collegiate rosters. Paul Luchowski is the U.S. Youth Soccer National League Commissioner, and he talked to us about that aspect of this event.

"This is the top level of competitive soccer in U.S. youth soccer so the best players that are here will earn their way on to Division One rosters, also on to Division Two rosters and Division Three rosters at the college level. We've attracted more than 100 college coaches here to scout these players so they can advance their soccer playing careers."

Luchowski also talked about what it is that brought this event to Panama City Beach, and there's no doubt the new Panama City Beach Sports Park was a big factor.

"What attracted us to Panama City Beach was the new facility." says Luchowski "When you're bringing 144 teams to one location from all across the country, from California, from the Northwest to the Midwest, along the Eastern Seaboard and you're bringing them to a four day event, you have to inusre that you can play as many matches as possible. And this complex with it's nine synthetic fields. And between here and Frank Brown Park with six grass fields, we're able to accomplish that goal over the five day period."

The event wraps up Sunday.

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