Wade talks about summer camp and her alumni inspiring local athletes

PANAMA CITY, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - Gulf Coast softball coach Beth Wade's spending this week at Joe Tom King Field hosting a girls softball camp.

The three-day camp started Tuesday for seven to 12-year-old's, and wrapped up Thursday afternoon.

This camp is held every summer and it teaches girls the game by focusing on fundamental skills in base running, hitting, fielding, pitching and catching.

Wade says it's a good way for the younger athletes to stay busy outside on the diamond.

"Just having a good time," Wade said. "Any time you can get them out of the house in the summer, and get them on a ball field it's good. And to see them laugh, and cut up, and have a good time together, and teach them a little bit about why they're here. Hopefully it peaks their interest and they continue to play as they get older. We want to see kids play sports and be involved. You learn so much through sports and this is where we want to see kids thriving. They're seeing little heroes on TV, and FSU softball just changed some kids world and that's awesome."

Speaking of FSU, Coach Wade's a softball alum, herself, playing twice in the world series with her 'Noles.

Wade says that first national title's inspiring athletes right here in the Panhandle.

"Oh absolutely," Wade said. "Even with having camp this week we're talking to them about it. 'Hey guys are you watching the ball? You guys watching the World Series? Who's your favorite player?' And getting them to try to talk about it, and some of them are like 'King, we like Megan King and Jessie Warren,' But they're into it. They're watching, they're recording. Some of them are like we recorded it, and watched it because we had practice. So just seeing the excitement through them is really what's cool."

Gulf Coast baseball's hosting a three-day camp starting Monday.