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About Us

Own Your Wellness

EDC Spa and Sleep Medicine is changing the world, one breath at a time (TM). This facility has a whole-body health and wellness approach that has solved countless dental and dental-sleep problems. Patients reported more confidence with their new smile makeovers, fixed marriages, thousands of dollars saved, and long-lasting health benefits. Dr. Griffin is one of three, in the South Eastern part of the United States, that holds a double diploma in Dental - Sleep Medicine.  Meet Dr. Griffin and the team here!


In addition to cosmetic dentistry, we offer services such as general family dentistry, periodontal treatment and care, dentures and implants for your teeth, Oral Appliances for Sleep Breathing Disorders, TMJ Disorders, and pharmaceutical supplements for whole body health.

Take care of your mouth for whole body health

The practitioners at Emerald Coast Dental Spa of Panama City Beach, FL believe that the overall health of the body can be maintained by keeping the oral health intact. We can help you maintain great oral health.

Your dental health can be a key to unlock new measures of staying healthy and happy. Get in touch with our staff at 850-249-9311 to learn more about how you can maintain your dental health.