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Elections likely key issue in 2019 session

Broward ballot design may have cost Nelson the election

Vote-by-mail voters given chance to fix signatures

Meet Judge Mark Walker, the man who will decide which ballots count

Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen reacts to Nelson lawsuit, comments further on recount

Making sense of the state's numerous election lawsuits

Election recount finished in Bay County

Bay County Supervisor of Elections Office holds recount

Recount begins, Gillum rescinds concession

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NBC News Headlines

Coast-to-coast bomb threats causes evacuations in U.S., Canada

Many of the threats, none of which have been found to be credible, demanded payment in bitcoin, authorities said.

Jury awards $25 million to mother of former Dallas Cowboys player killed in DUI crash

Brown was killed in the early morning hours of Dec. 8, 2012, when the driver flipped his Mercedes while going 110 mph in a 45 mph zone in Irving, Texas.

People trapped in West Virginia mine speak out

“I’m so grateful,” Erica Treadway said today, having been rescued from an abandoned mine, where she and three others were trapped for four days. They are under investigation but have not been charged.

How one boy has helped save over a thousand shelter dogs

Through a series of sweet videos, 7-year-old Roman McConn has convinced people around the country to adopt shelter dogs in need.

Seattle schools find proof that students benefit from extra sleep

A new study tied to a later school start in Seattle public schools finds that students were getting more sleep at night, and doing better in both grades and attendance.