95-year-old woman asked to remove diaper to pass TSA screening

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An Incident at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last week has people all over the country questioning security procedures.

Transportation Security Administration workers made a 95-year-old wheelchair-bound woman, with terminal cancer, remove her adult diaper during a search.

The woman’s daughter filed a complaint to TSA last week,

TSA officials aren’t saying much about the incident, but denies requiring the woman to remove her diaper.

"Desperate, like there is nothing I can do. These people take you seriously."

That’s how Jean Weber describes what happened to her 95-year-old mother Lenna Rappert at Northwest Florida Regional Airport.

Rappert, who has been battling Leukemia for eight years was going to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see close friends and family in her final days.

Because she arrived in a wheelchair, TSA officials are required to conduct a more thorough screening.

During that screening, Weber says a TSA worker noticed Rappert’s adult diaper was hard and didn’t allow a proper inspection, so TSA made Rappert remove the diaper.

"I felt helpless, and I thought it was ludicrous that they were testing my mom in that manner to that extent," said Weber.

Weber quickly changed her mother.

Security cleared Rappert only minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off.

"I was in tears, I was weeping I couldn't believe this had happened. I don't want this to be our last memory together," said Weber.

When Webber went back home she filed a complaint through the TSA blog. She hasn't heard back from them since. But they provided Newschannel 7 with this statement.

“We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally, according to proper procedure and did not require this passenger to remove an adult diaper."

Weber says her sole intention is for TSA to change the prodecedure for handicap travelers.

"Please figure out another system to do this to the people that really can't endure some of these stringent checks," said Weber.

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