Panama City Police Chief upset over initials BDRT

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Panama City - The initials BDRT have the Panama City Police Chief disappointed in some of his key employees. Including Deputy Police Chief Robert Colbert. According to an e-mail and photos sent to News Channel 7 from a viewer the initials stand for "Baby Daddy Removal Team".

The caption underneath one of the pictures reads "the PCPD Baby Daddy Removal Team." According to the viewer e-mail the group of officers in the photos including Deputy Police Cief Robert Colbert, were playing in a kick ball league.

Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten says neither he nor the department endorsed, authorized, condoned or sponsored this team event. He also says the t-shirts with the initials BDRT in bright red were not provided by the department. Van Etten refused requests for an interview but did release a statement to News Channel 7.

It says, "The department is very concerned about inappropriate or offensive speech or conduct and we encourage our officers to be mindful of their actions on and off duty."

The statement continues... "At this time I have very little information about this issue, but I want to assure you and the community that we will conduct a thorough review of the facts and we will take appropriate action."

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