Destin Postal Workers Picket Over Mismanagement

Post Offices have long heard complaints about long lines from customers, but how about the same complaints from employees themselves?

This was the case in Destin where postal workers say long lines are just part of a much bigger problem.

Post Office worker Bobby Pruett says he's picketing his own job not only for his fellow employees, but for the customers they serve as well.

"We have cases of mail not being delivered. We have carriers on the streets past 9 o’clock at night delivering the mail. We are also having trouble in the workplace. We consider this a hostile work environment."

Pruett is president of the local postal workers union which represents employees in Okaloosa and Walton Counties. He and a number of his fellow workers are picketing the Destin Post Office against what they call mismanagement of the Destin facility.

One worker told NewsChannel Seven in December he saw mail stacked up in the back, mail he claims dated back at least a month.

Post Office spokesman Gary Sawtelle acknowledge, "There has been a staffing issue and it’s being addressed."

He says they plan to hire six additional clerks in the next 90 days. He add that growth in Destin has added hours onto the time it takes to deliver the mail and an inspection team is slated to come in the next 60 days to adjust the carriers' routes.

The workers say they are taking a chance by picketing, that they could be suspended or even fired.

Pruett says he won't keep quiet until he sees some changes.

"We work here. We want to provide good services to our customers and we want the opportunity to do our jobs correctly. We just want to get the mail to our customers."

Many Destin residents and companies have complained for a long time about poor mail service.