Arizona Chemical Fire Extinguished Quickly

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A fire at the Arizona Chemical plant in Springfield Tuesday was quickly put out.

But there are still questions over how the fire started.

Around one o’clock, emergency workers responded to a fire originally reported at Rock-Tenn paper mill. The location was quickly changed to Arizona Chemical.

Firefighters from Springfield and Panama City quickly jumped into action to put out to blaze.

Both units, along with Arizona Chemical’s in-house fire and rescue team, had the fire under control within twenty minutes.

While the location and source of the fire are known, the cause is not.

"We're going to do a root cause find out what the problem is and make sure that this doesn't happen again to the best of our ability. But the good thing is no injuries, no incidences, no destruction, and everyone is safe." said DeVaughn Stephens of Arizona Chemical.

At the time of the fire, there was supposedly a lot of tall-oil in the pond, which is quite flammable.

The fire sent a column of smoke into the air, seen by people as far away as Lynn Haven.

It causes some traffic problems on Business 98 and other roads surrounding the plant.

Arizona Chemical employees were back to work within 30 minutes and none of the surrounding buildings were evacuated.

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