Lewis Murder Case Continues in Bonifay

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It was day two of the Amanda Lewis murder trial in Bonifay.

Lewis is accused of drowning her 7-year-old daughter Adrianna Hutto in an above ground pool in their backyard.

However, the day’s proceedings began with an unexpected substitution, because two of the six selected jurors were no shows.

Judge Alan Register says the missing bodies were because of medical issues. "We will be seating two of our alternates because two of our jurors were unable to make it today," he said.

After the substitutions were made, the group heard testimony from more than 20 people.

Among them were Lewis' mom and step dad. But most of those taking the stand were emergency responders.

One of them was Bay Medical Dr. Renee Fox, the doctor who told Lewis her daughter died.

"It struck me odd, because it was calming to look into her eyes because it was flat," Dr. Fox said on the stand.

Lewis was also emotionless during the court proceedings; she would not look at any of the pictures of her daughter from the day of the incident. Her head was down, looking at the table, which are actions those closest to her say are normal for her personality.

"Do you remember how she was that day,” lawyers asked.

“Like Amanda, just like she is now," answered the defendant's Stepdad Charles Burns.

The prosecution tried to prove Lewis was a cold person and even colder when it came to her daughter.

The defendant's Mother Brenda Burns agreed. "She told me she didn't think she developed a relationship with her."

However, the defense argued the lack of a mother daughter relationship doesn't mean Lewis killed her daughter.

The trial is expected to continue until Friday.

If Lewis is found guilty, she could get life in prison.

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