Cleaning for a Reason

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Getting your home cleaned by a professional cleaning service is not a bad idea, especially on days when you're not up to the challenge. One cleaning company is doing more than just make life a little easier for some people.

After 38 years, Mike and Beverly Creel's relationship has seen it all. Their love has remained strong, even in the face of breast cancer. Beverly is in the middle of seven weeks of daily radiation treatments, and her hair is not the only thing she's lost.

Beverly Creel said, "The radiation makes me very tired, the fatigue is overwhelming at times. I honestly do not have the energy to keep up with the housework at this point. My family has been terrific but they can’t do it all either."

That's where two maids and a mop come in to pick up the slack.

"They cleaned both of my bathrooms for me, they dusted all the furniture, vacuumed all the floors, cleaned my kitchen, emptied my dishwasher."

A house Beverly's size would usually cost about $125 to clean, but this cleaning service is doing the job free of charge.

"We help patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer."

Beverly says she found out about the program from a website called After registering, Two Maids and a Mop contacted Beverly, offering her a free house cleaning once a month for four months.

Mike Creel said, "This is absolutely fantastic. The ladies come in and it was such an upper for us to come in and actually do a lot better job cleaning the house than I did. It made my wife feel better. It made things easier on us."

And that's exactly what the Cleaning for a Reason program is meant to do.

Rachel Brewer, Operations Manager, said, "It takes one more thing, one more pressure off of their life, so they can focus on the more important things like friends and family and getting their lives back together and moving on to the next day."

Area cleaning services and cancer patients can register on the program's website. The address is

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