Day Three in Lewis Murder Trial

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A third day of testimony in the Amanda Lewis murder trial didn't paint a pretty picture of the relationship between mother and daughter.

Lewis is accused of drowning her 7-year-old daughter Adrianna Hutto in an above ground pool in their backyard.

The prosecution wrapped up its case Thursday, calling the last of its 30 witnesses.

Most were people who knew Lewis personally, testifying about her relationship with her daughter.

One of them was Lewis' Ex Co-worker Bridget Sanders. "She would say she never loved the child like she was suppose to, but she didn't know why," she said on the stand.

Lewis' Ex-Supervisor Kim Smith recapped one day, the defendant got really upset at her daughter, for the jurors. "She came in upset and she said she was going to kill her and I told her don't say that."

One after the other, witnesses spoke about Lewis' lack of love for Adrianna.

However, that wasn't the only damaging statement.

According to the Interim Holmes County Medical Examiner Andrea Minyard, the drowning was not an accident, it was a homicide. "I believe this child was in a struggle and that the care taker inflicted these bruises."

Jurors also heard comments from officials who took part in the autopsy.

"This is the index finder, the middle finger and they line up with the index on the face," officials explained on the stand.

But the medical examiners testimonies were just part of the incriminating evidence supporting the idea of fowl play.

The judge also allowed jurors to hear Lewis' son's A.J. Hutto's taped statements to the sheriff’s department. "She done stuff that's she wasn't suppose to; my mom throw her in the pool," he stated.

The young boy told investigators a lot more about that fateful day, adding, "My mom grabbed her like this and pushed her in the water."

The prosecution then rested its case.

The defense will call the last of its witnesses on Friday.

Officials also expect present closing arguments Friday.

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