Lewis Sentenced

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A Holmes County woman convicted last month of killing her young daughter was back in court today for sentencing.

Amanda Lewis faced life in prison for drowning her seven-year-old daughter. It was an emotional response for Amanda Lewis as Judge Allen Register announced her sentence.

"This court adjudged you to be guilty of that crime and sentences you to imprisonment for the remainder of your life."

Under Florida law the life sentence was mandatory. The judge says that left him no discretion in the matter.

"The state determined in its review of your case not to seek the death penalty so the only possible penalty is life imprisonment."

But before the judge sentenced Amanda Lewis to life in prison, there was a motion to completely dismiss the case; the defense said the star witness was not credible. That witness was Lewis' own son, now age seven himself, who claimed his mother drown Adrianna in the above ground pool in their backyard.

"What we have is a bold allegation that says I didn't see it, I wasn't there, and where I was I couldn't have seen what I said, but my momma killed my sister."

But the prosecution disagreed, State Attorney Larry Basford says no error was made during the trial that resulted in a guilty verdict of first degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

"The defense seems to forget that there was 27 other pieces of evidence to support AJ Hutto's statements."

Judge register sided with the prosecution, sentencing Lewis to life. Lewis will be in court again Tuesday to determine the custody of her son.

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