Guns at Work

The gun battle is almost over and when the smoke clears the Governor will declare the NRA the winner. A bill allowing people to keep guns in their cars while at work passed through the Senate Wednesday.

For three years, the NRA fought with the Florida Chamber of Commerce over the issue. The Florida Chamber says business owners should have the final say so about what to allow in their parking lots.

Marion Hammer of The NRA says people need to keep guns in their cars for protection.

“The importance of the bill is it maintains the right of protection no matter where you park your car.”

It now goes to the Governor to sign it or veto the bill.

“I’ll probably sign it. The second amendment is very important, I understand there are competing interests, there always are in this process, but people being protected is most important to me.”

The Governor has a week to sign the bill. If signed into law, it will go into effect July 1st of this year.