Governor Scott Attacked by Challenger on Sheriff’s Arrest

Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie has been critical of his opponent Governor Rick Scott before, but speaking from the campaign trail in Seminole County Thursday, he didn’t mince words.

Wyllie says Rick Scott’s actions are bordering on treason and must be held accountable, referring to Scott’s decision to remove and arrest Liberty County Sheriff Nicholas Finch.

The controversy started when Sheriff Finch refused to book a suspect who was arrested for carrying a firearm without a permit. Sheriff Finch told his deputies, “I believe in the Second Amendment, and we’re not going to charge him,” before releasing the suspect.

On Tuesday, the FDLE investigated the matter, and ultimately arrested Sheriff Finch for “official misconduct.” Governor Scott removed him from office and appointed FDLE agent Carl Causey as sheriff.

Wyllie believes this is politically motivated and it’s an example of abuse of power by Governor Scott and wants Scott to reinstate Finch immediately.

The FDLE alleges that Finch destroyed or removed documents regarding the arrest. According to Jimmy Judkins, attorney for Sheriff Finch, that never happened. The charges stem from an unidentified employee in the Liberty Co. Sheriff’s Office using white-out to remove the entry in the booking log for the suspect who was never charged.

The Libertarian Party of Florida also criticized Governor Scott for the scandal saying Sheriff Finch’s arrest may be the opening shot in a battle between the politicians who infringe on the Second Amendment, and the law enforcement officers who are determined to uphold their oath to protect the Constitution.

Wyllie is known as a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, and does not shy away from confronting sheriffs that do not meet his Constitutional muster. Earlier this year, he organized a “Libertarian Gun Buyback” to compete with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, purchasing firearms from citizens before they could be surrendered.

In 2011, he challenged all 67 Florida sheriffs to begin arresting TSA agents who violate Florida law.