Trial Begins for Liberty County's Suspended Sheriff Nick Finch

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Bristol- The judge spent most of Monday morning questioning potential jurors about suspended Liberty County Sheriff, Nick Finch's arrest last June.

"Have you read any reports about this case or talked with anyone about this case? Have you formed any opinions," he asked.

Some hadn't, but many had.

"I have a feeling Mr. Campbell knew that you were related to Sheriff Finch," Defense Attorney, Jimmy Judkins said to one of the people on the panel of 24 potential jurors. I know why he asked you- I don't think it was just finding a blind hog, So, I'm not going to be a blind hog" he said.

Finch was accused of illegally acting on behalf of Floyd Parrish, a Liberty County man taken into jail on March 8 for a concealed weapons charge.

Pro gun activists from across the country have been defending Finch, claiming Parrish was wrongly arrested. So, in addition to familiarity with the case, each attorney also tried to assess potential jurors thoughts on second amendment rights.

"If you get into the jury room and say, 'I don't like this law', that's not an applicable reason to find somebody not guilty," Assistant State Attorney, Jack Campbell said to potential jurors.

Finch was also accused of violating the state's sunshine law, regarding the access and handling of public records.

"The two things he's charged for are: taking the original probable cause affidavit, and information where Floyd Parrish came into the jail on the Liberty County booking log and the county jail report is whited out. Nobody knows who did the white out," Judkins explained.

"Do you have any problem with the fact that the legislature has said that every piece of paper your staff makes is public and subject to be examined and retained," Campbell asked a potential juror. "Do you have any problem with the fact that the legislature has said that to destroy something like that can constitute a crime?"

By lunch, lawyers had seated two men, four women and two alternates to hear the case. Opening statements were scheduled to begin Tuesday morning.

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