The Hannity Show's Negative Spring Break Coverage Has Locals Speaking Out

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Last year the Sean Hannity Show aired a four-part special on spring break in Panama City Beach.

The videos of spring breakers binge drinking, using illegal drugs and committing sexual acts on the beach shocked millions of Americans, but locals believe the show exaggerated the reality of spring break.

"I thought it was a little extreme. Fox news can be a little biased at times especially when it comes to liberal things like spring break," said Wes Burvis, Kitchen Manager at Sharky's Bar & Grill.

Since so much of Panama City Beach's economy rests on spring break, locals who work in the service industry like Wes Burvis, say without it, things would fall apart.

"I understand why people hate spring break, I'm not a big fan of it either, but we go from employing 20-30 people in the winter time to employing 250 people for the month of March."

Burvis says the 'Hannity' Show's coverage of spring break has had a negative impact on his business this season.

"I think it did hurt our business quite a bit this year our numbers definitely aren't matching up from last year. We're losing several thousand dollars a night," said Burvis.

The national media coverage has given spring break in Panama City Beach a bad reputation, but one local club owner says it's not spring breakers that are the problem. He says it's the 100 milers.

"Most of the kids that come down here that are truly college kids are very respectable they're well behaved. Sure they're having a good time, they're partying, but they're not like 100 milers they don't prey on each other and they don't cause issues and fights like the 100 milers do," said Patrick Pfeffer, owner of Club La Vela.

"They come in big groups and a lot of them try to fight and sell drugs and stuff and it's no good for all of us"

Pfeffer says the new ordinances the city passed are hurting his business.

"Instead of keeping the 100 milers away they're keeping the good kids away and the 100 milers don't care because they don't go to clubs anyway."

And spring breakers say if the restrictions continue, they'll go somewhere else to party.

"People come here for spring break they come to enjoy the clubs, enjoy the nightlife, enjoy the beach and when you take that away and you close the clubs early and you are IDing people on the beach just things of that sort you're gonna lose that group of people who come here and they're gonna find somewhere where the clubs are open later," said spring breaker, Jennie Golc.

Pfeffer believes the Hannity Show's coverage was responsible for the changes, and if the city keeps it up many say we could lose spring break for good.

"If you lose tourism which is the back bone of PCB, we're cooked, that's it."

Pfeffer says he's not letting Fox News anywhere near his club.

Our reporters saw no sign of their crew on the beach, but we did hear that the Hannity crew was out last night with the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

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