Subject Armed With An AK-47 Shot By Walton County Deputy

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A Walton County Sheriff's Deputy is on leave after fatally shooting a suspect in a domestic violence case last night when the man turned his gun on the deputies.

Around 10:30 last night the Walton County Sheriff's office got a domestic violence call from a home on West Point Washington Road in the Santa Rosa area.

Officers spotted the man involved driving a white truck.

When they tried to pull him over, he didn't stop until he pulled into a driveway.

Deputies say when the man got out of the vehicle, he was holding a gun braced under his chin.

Authorities tried to talk him into putting down the weapon, instead he went inside the home and came out with an AK-47 and pointed it at the deputies.

That is when one of the deputies opened fire--killing the suspect.

A witness says law enforcement did the best they could.

"They showed remarkable ability to try to defuse the situation anyway they could," said witness, Paul Mehlos. "Ultimately after they had speared the family away I think they had no alternative. When he came out and turned the weapon on them they had to defend themselves."

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