Agency For Workforce Innovation Security Breach

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250,000 unemployed Floridians, who turned to the state for help finding a job, now have to worry about their credit. The State Agency for Workforce Innovation is blaming a computer security breach for exposing the job-seekers names and social security numbers online. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the leak.

Johann Warren is a chef by trade struggling to pay his bills.

“I’ve got a light bill coming up and I’m out of work.”

For months Johann has been visiting this job center, entrusting his personal information to the state.

“Put the drive order number on it, the social security number, and your name on it.”

Now Johann is second guessing his decision to give the state his information. That’s because the names and social security numbers of 250,000 Floridians were published online.

Weak security on a backup test server allowed Google to gather the data of people who used a state job center during the past six years. The Agency for Workforce Innovation is investigating the security breach.

Monesia Brown is the Director of the state Agency for Workforce Innovation.

“This information has only been made available to one individual outside our public domain, so I think we’re in good shape.”

Still the state set up a search engine for people who are worried about their ID’s. We helped Johann with his search.

“I don’t want anyone getting my social security number without me knowing, because things are already hard enough for me already.”

The state promises to respond to the searches within 24 hours and let people know if their information was posted online.

To see if your information was published online, click on the link: If your information was posted online you can call the Attorney General’s office for tips on how to protect your credit.

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