Early Morning Shooting Kills 2 Injures 3 in Miramar Beach

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The man suspected of an early morning shooting rampage in south Walton County is sitting in jail tonight, refusing to talk to investigators.

That rampage left two people dead and three others critically wounded.

Because of his silence, investigators don't know why their suspect, 60-year-old Dannie Roy Baker, did it. But as Newschannel 7's Alex Denis tells us, neighbors say they have an idea.
"We don't lock our doors around here, but we're definitely going to be doing that now."

Residents in this Miramar Beach community are taking extra precautions after their neighbor allegedly went on a shooting rampage.

It began a little before 2:00 Thursday morning at these units of the Summer Lake Townhomes.

Walton County sheriff's deputies arrived to find two people shot to death, 3 others critically injured.

Investigators say the suspect, 60-year-old Dannie Baker, left his townhouse, armed with a rifle, walked across the complex to the victims' unit, and opened fire.

After the shooting witnesses saw Baker carrying a rifle though the pool area across the street to his home on the other side of the complex.

Authorities say he locked himself inside...and waited.

Walton, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa County sheriff's deputies all responded.

When they rolled-in an armored special response vehicle around 6 in Thursday morning, Baker surrendered.

Michele Nicholson with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said "investigators are interviewing Dannie Baker, the suspect, to try to assert on why this happened but that's the big question right now."

Neighbors say baker wasn't happy with all the activity at the house and think that was the motive for his shooting spree.

Neighbor Crystal Lynn says "he did come up to me one time and asked me if I was ready for the revolution to begin and if I had any immigrant in my house to get them out."

The victims were foreign nationals who appear to have been working in the U.S. legally.

Investigators say, at the time of the shooting, there were at least 14 other people in the one unit with the victims...all of Hispanic descent.

Investigators are still trying to contact the victims’ families.

Sheriff Mike Adkinson says his team's main focus is on the victims and the other people in the townhome who were traumatized by the event.

Adkinson said "there had never been an issue with the victims at the residents or anything of that nature. They were totally harmless and true victims of every sense of the word."

One of the victims remains in critical condition the others are reported to be in stable and good conditions.

Baker has been charged with 2 counts of murder.

Additional charges are pending.

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