One Man, One Bike

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Raising awareness for any cause can be hard.

Sometimes the effort can get lost in the shuffle, so you have to dare to stand out.

A South Carolina man is doing just that by riding his bike across the country.

Andrew Marinelli is making the long trip to raise awareness for global hunger.

He's a man on a mission.

Marinelli said,” My mission is to number one spread awareness about global hunger issues. Number two to inspire people to donate money to the world food program."

Hunger affects every country, it's a global crisis.

Marinelli spent two years in Niger, West Africa with the Peace Core.

He's seen first hand what hunger is really like..

"You really have to get used to mortality, they drank very dirty water, and there's rampant disease like dysentery, and malaria. With poor nutrition and lack of nutritious foods your immune system is way down, and that was personally inspiring to me," added Marinelli.

That inspiration led him to his bike to try and make a difference.

"Everyone knows about hunger, it's on the news, but to have someone get out there and speak from personal experience and doing something really difficult like biking 6,000 miles, I'm hoping just to inspire people to give anything they can."

Marinelli started this journey in Key West, Florida and and it will end in San Francisco, more than 6,000 miles away.

Along the way he will make hundreds of stops to speak about hunger to anyone who'll listen, he hopes that the more people he reaches the better chance he has of helping to feed the hungry.

Marinelli said, "I'm thankful for this trip and I want to help all the people in the world because they feel hungry."

Marinelli’s trip has been sponsored by the Rotary club, and the World Food Program.

He will be speaking at the Panama City Rotary club Monday April 27.

Visit Andrew's Website at

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