Tattoo Advertising on Ebay

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Back in September 2005, we told you about Delores Ping, a Youngstown woman who sold advertising space on her chest over Ebay.
Golden Palace bought Delores' chest for $25,000.
Her story inspired others to auction themselves to advertisers.
A Jackson County man believes he now owns the record for the most advertising tattoos sold on Ebay.

When it comes to advertising, there's television, radio, newspapers....
And "P1mple".
Marty Webb, known as "P1mple" refers to himself as a human billboard.
"I've had them on my arms, my legs, my head, anywhere, until I run out of skin, I won't stop."
Webb is a log truck driver and self-professed Ebay fanatic, who was inspired by by our story about Delores Ping, who sold her chest on E-bay for $25,000.
"Hundreds, literally hundreds of people, trying to sell tattoos at the time. Everybody had like $10,000 on this one, $20,000 on this one."
But he quickly realized how hard it was to sell them and decided to make himself stand out.
"So I said, 'let's try it this way. $1 starting, no reserve, I'll pay for my own tat. And it just took off like wildfire. People loved it!"
He's currently working on his 14th tattoo.
Webb says he's not in it for the money, but for the fun.
"I mean I understand why they're doing it but me, I'm a maniac, I'll do it for a happy meal!"
His tattoos promote a wide variety of clients from all over the world.
"Pimple has become so popular online, some of his clients have labeled him 'the AD-TAT King of Ebay.' He's sold the most so far and it's about to get even bigger."
"People from different parts of America who are going to be joining up with me to shave their heads and put a tattoo on the back of their head to help me push this next auction."
The auction winner will also get to use the backs of 'P1mple' and his friend to advertise their business.
Despite his recent popularity, he still doesn't take himself too seriously .
"That's all it is. It's my hobby."

Webb's next auction starts Saturday, August 1.
He also plans to launch his own website soon.

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