Sallie Mae jobs could be in jeopardy

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Employees at Sallie Mae are remaining optimistic despite Thursday's news that the House passed President Obama's student loan bill.

The bill would make the federal government the sole issuer of the loans. Passage by the senate could put Sallie Mae's 700 local jobs in jeopardy.

The Sallie Mae facility accounts for about a third of the one-hundred-billion dollars federal student loan program.

This program has been in existence since 1993, but schools and students have spoken with their voices for 16 years. They would prefer the private sector," Renee Mang, Fannie Mae's Senior Vice President said.

Proponents of the bill say the plan would save the government tens of billions of dollars. Others claim the market needs that competitive edge to stay afloat.

The private sector has seventy-five of the business. The federal government has twenty-five-percent.

Congressman Allen Boyd voted against the bill saying he wants to protect Florida's jobs. So while we are disappointed, were incredibly grateful for Congressman Boyd. Hes just been terrific for the Sallie Mae employees.

Local and state leaders rallied last month with those Sallie Mae employees. A petition drive was started to tell Congress to save Florida's jobs.

Of the 20,000 signatures needed, 13,000 people so far have signed their name in support.

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