Time Could Be Short For SallieMae in Lynn Haven

Another potential nail in the coffin for SallieMae Thursday. The U.S. Senate has passed a Health Care Reconciliation bill.

The "fix it" bill reshapes parts of the new health care overhaul law. The Democrats voted down all 40 Republican amendments to the bill.

One of those was an amendment offered by Florida Senator George Lemieux that would have protected SallieMae and some 700 local jobs.

Lemieux's proposal would have stripped the health care bill of the language which basically takes the student loan program from the private sector. The bill now goes back to the House for a final vote.

"It's devastating with the swipe of a pen we can wipe-out 700-jobs."

Renee Meng said it was a sad day for the SallieMae center in Lynn Haven where she described the staff as devastated and heartbroken.

Meng says she's calling on Congressman Boyd to do the right thing by the 700 SallieMae employees and vote against the bill when it goes back to the house.

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