American Red Cross Looking for Volunteers in Oil Clean-Up

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Yesterday Governor Charlie Crist declared a state of emergency for the Panhandle's 6-western most coastal counties, because of that massive oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

The declaration covers Gulf, Bay, Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Escambia counties.
With this in mind, Bay County Emergency Management is teaming up with the central Panhandle chapter of the American Red Cross collecting contact information for those wanting to help out with the oil cleanup should the slick head our way.

Those interested in volunteering, should be aware that specialized training may be required before you are deployed into the field.
We're told the Red Cross will coordinate with Bay County Emergency Management ,state, and federal agencies to facilitate that training.

Bay county emergency officials will be heading up the clean up effort should it become necessary.
Beginning Monday morning, if you would like to assist in volunteering, you can contact the Red Cross at 763-6587.
The Red Cross is maintaining a database of the people who have expressed interest.
If the clean up efforts become necessary, the Red Cross will contact you.

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