Search for Missing Vernon Woman

It has been six weeks since a Washington County woman disappeared. 19-year old Britney Wright was last seen at her home off of Country Road in Vernon. Sheriff's investigators have been following up leads to find her. Authorities say they believe they are getting close.

July 22nd was the last time Kim Wright saw her daughter 19-year old Britney. She left behind some personal belongings she normally would have carried with her when she leaves home, like her cell phone.

Investigator Mark Collins says Britney is part of the small percentage of missing people in Washington County.

"For the most part of what we had, as missing, is actually those who walk off or who've just left home, in those areas."

Whether Britney is part of that category of people who walk away from home or not, is still unanswered. Investigators say they have spoken to people who've seen her since she disappeared from home, which leads them to believe there is no foul play involved.

"That has led to us to searching areas in Alabama. We have not understood from anyone that she is in any harm or danger. We have understood she is in fine health status."

When authorities "do" find her, they say they'll determine her well-being by conducting a safety check. Since Britney is over the age of 18, the check will involve asking her a couple of questions and making sure she is no danger to herself or others.

Once they are satisfied she's okay, investigators will then notify her mother, who originally reported her missing. If she doesn't pass the check, she'll receive medical and professional help.
For now, her mother just wants an answer to where her daughter might have gone.

If you have information about Britney's whereabouts please call the Washington

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