A Second BP Tank Washes Ashore Near Destin

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For the second time in two days, a suspected piece of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig has washed-up on local shores.
A storage tank, similar to the one that washed up on Panama City Beach Saturday, came ashore in Miramar Beach in Walton County yesterday. Crews recovered it today.

Hours ago, the Sheriff's Office along with containment crews hauled off a metal marine storage tank believed to have come from the Deep Horizon oil rig explosion."

The massive piece of floating debris didn't scare people out of the water at Miramar Beach Monday.
For the most part, most people were pretty curious about the refrigerator-sized metal container.

Luke Kobler is vacationing from Springfield, Illinois and says the debris isn’t going to ruin his trip.
"I really wasn't expected to see that, but it's not in the way, not too big of a deal”.

Visiting a little closer to home is Lauren Oray. She is from Louisiana and has been following the spill developments from the heart of the headache.
"We were really interested in it and surprised that debris has traveled this far."

Beach Service Operator Hunter Meyer says he first found the tank Sunday morning.
"I saw it yesterday and this morning and it's not leaking at all. There's a BP official down there, stationed 24 hrs a day, and keeps an eye on it and people are allowed within fifteen feet of it.”

Crews recovered the tank Monday afternoon, and hauled it off the beach.
It will be transported to New Orleans where investigators are examining all of the possible rig debris that's been recovered so far.

Two white hard hats also washed ashore over the weekend. They've been sent off for testing to determine if they too came from April’s rig explosion.

Those hard hats were recovered near the East Pass in Destin.

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