"Active Shooter Survival Seminar" Focuses on Having a Plan

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JACKSON COUNTY-- As we all know, an active shooter can open fire any time, any where, even in a church.

Wednesday some area pastors and business owners were instructed on how to handle that possibility. The seminar took place at the Jackson County Agriculture Complex and featured guest speakers who've been in that situation.

"You have to survive this incident to make sure the kids survive this incident," Bay District Schools Security and Safety Chief Mike Jones explained. "That's why we tell them, don't go out there and play John Wayne and get yourself shot and killed."

Representatives from area businesses and churches spent Wednesday learning how to survive an active shooting incident.

"It's important because the things that have happened and are still happening, we must always have a plan," Charles Flowers, a local reverend, said. "I expect to learn more about putting a plan together, so that it will be more protective of the people in which we worship with."

Guest speakers for the seminar were Jones and FSU Chief of Police David Perry. Jones was involved in a shoot-out with a man who had opened fire on Bay District school board members. The only fatality was the gunman. And you may remember the shooting at the FSU main campus in Tallahassee last year that also left the gunman dead.

"This message to the audience was to remind them that it can happen anywhere," Perry mentioned. "At any time. At any place and that everyone needs to have a plan and be prepared for a critical incident."

A plan such as "ALICE" which stands for alert- lockdown-inform -counter-evacuate.

"Evacuate!" Jackson County Emergency Management Director Rodney Andreasen said. "Whatever you do, whatever you do, do not, if the weapon fly's out of the person hands, pick it up. 'I got you!' Cause those cops are gonna come in and gonna go 'No, we got you.' and shoot you."

Andreasen says "ALICE" provides different survival tools for active shooters. Attendees also saw different demonstrations on how to keep shooters out.

"I will look to being cognizant. Aware of the people that are around you and most of all to instruct the officers of my church how to look for areas of concern," Flowers said.

The FSU shooting Perry spoke of injured several students who were
studying for finals last November.