Adventure Florida- Scuba Diving Training Part 2

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- Loading up the van, we headed off to vortex springs to take our skills from the pool to open water.

Our dive instructor Olan Wilkins tested us once again on all the fundamental skills needed as a diver then we got to explore.

“You get to experience something that a lot of people don’t; you get to see places that a lot of people won’t see. Because you can go underwater, you’re not just limited to what you can hold your breath on. You can actually explore a shipwreck or a coral reef that a lot of people in the world will never get the opportunity to do,” said Diver’s Den Dive Instructor Olan Wilkins.

As our second day of diving class came to an end, we had successfully conquered vortex springs and even got to see the opening of an underwater cave.

My dive partner Wendy and I agreed our dive instructor was an amazing teacher…even though we always kept him on his toes.

“I think he’s been very good. He’s very thorough. He’s not hesitant to tell you hey this is what you need to do different. This is why each time my confidence has increased just from him being very thorough with our instructions,” said Scuba Student Wendy White.

Day three began much like the previous ones except this time we were heading to the ocean. Having the chance to see and explore ocean life felt like entering into another world, if only for a few minutes.

As quick as we started our exploration we were done and back at the dive shop to officially receive our diver certification. Diver’s Den shop Manager Clay Galbreath says once I start diving I’ll be hooked and I’d have to agree.

“Most people are enthusiastic. When they get through with the class, if they have a buddy to dive with they will dive a lot,” said Galbreath.

Looking back on my scuba experience it was definitely more than what I expected it to be.

Learning the fundamentals is important because a mistake could be life threatening. But once you get pass the classroom, there’s an entire underwater world to explore.

“Give us a call. I’ll talk you into it. It’s a blast, you’ll absolutely love it,” said Wilkins.

Many thanks to the Diver’s Den for helping with Drew Steele’s diver certification. To find out more about scuba diving you can contact the Diver’s Den which is a full service dive shop.