Bay District School Board Approves Three Year Teacher Contract

PANAMA CITY-- After months of negotiations, Bay District officials and teachers have reached an agreement.

The school board unanimously approved the three year contract at Tuesday's meeting.

Some of the biggest changes include adding four days dedicated to professional development and creating a task force between district officials and teachers. And during the school day, 300 minutes must be dedicated to face-to-face classroom time.

Both union and non-union teachers voted to ratify the contract. Out of the teachers who did vote, 93 percent of them approved it.

"Hopefully we can see some relief," Association of Bay County Educators President Diane Wishart said. "Maybe not this year, but start off next year where teachers are not burdened, and they can get to what they want to do and what they love, which is to teach."

"I know everybody didn't get everything they wanted, but i think we both got things that we both know we needed," Superintendent Bill Husfelt said.

The full contract opens for negotiation once every three years. ABCE and the district can opt to negotiate certain aspects like salaries every year, but both sides must agree to discuss them.