Bay County students learn a lesson on bullying

Stop Bullying Now
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Panama City - Bullying has changed a lot since the days of one kid taking another's lunch money on the playground.

Today, school bullying doesn't have to happen at school - instead, it often takes place in cyber space.

Bay County middle and high school students tackled the subject of bullying Monday, as they received a visit from Doctor Adolph Brown, who shared his own experiences with bullies, telling students how he was able to overcome, and even learn from, the experiences.

He taught the students through song and dance how bullying can affect others, and how serious the issue is among students their age.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt says bullying is everywhere, and he's glad there is a program in place to help educate students.

"Doc has a wonderful message on bullying, and about how we want our kids to have a great life, and it's just a inspirational message he shares," said Husfelt.

Brown says he teaches an empowering motivational message that he hopes students will use in everyday life.

"A lot of times when we're talking about bullying, people only talk about the bully and how they hurt people. But then there are victims, and it's important to empower victims to be assertive or to use humor and definitely get help. The third thing that's never talked about, are these bystanders that watch it and never get help. (We must) empower them with leadership," said Brown.

Andrew Hudson attends Mosley High School and says he learned a lot from Monday’s message, and plans to apply what he's learned.

"Just never tear anyone down because you don't even know the damage it's doing to someone else," said Hudson.

Adolph "Doc" Brown will conduct seven assemblies through this Wednesday.

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