Bay County Commissioners encourage locals to celebrate Halloween on Saturday

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Bay County - Halloween is traditionally October 31st, but Bay County Commissioners are encouraging locals to celebrate the holiday the day before.

The 31st falls on a Sunday this year. Today commissioners discussed the pros and cons of allowing children to visit neighborhoods, collecting candy on a school night.

Not to mention Sunday night is traditionally a church night, and some are concerned about the conflict with Sunday night church services.

“There's a number of church groups that have meeting's that night and there's just some community concern about the idea of coinciding a holiday like Halloween with a Sunday," said Jerry Girvin, Bay County Commissioner.

So commissioners voted to ask local residents to observe Halloween on Saturday night, October 30th this year. This is only a suggestion. Ultimately it's up to the individual.

Lynn Haven and Panama City a number of other communities across our area have adopted the same recommendation.

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