Beauty After Tragedy: New Monument Honors the Lives of 4 Sneads High School Students

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Sneads- You could have heard a pin drop on the ground of the Sneads High School courtyard Tuesday morning. Then, a veil was lifted and a crowd of friends, family and faculty erupted in applause of the new memorial fountain honoring Teddy Jeter, Bo McClamma, Brandon Hobbs and Carson Faircloth.

"We've worked hard for this" Jan McClamma, Bo' McClamma's mother said of the monument. "The kids wanted to see a waterfall and we've worked hard to give them what they wanted. It's been good for us as parents too to work toward this."

The community donated the money to begin paying for the monument and several other fundraisers have since been scheduled to finish payments.

"[The memorial] is just a way of keeping they're memory alive- that's what it's all about," Teddy's grandmother, Judy Jeter said. "I don't want anyone to ever forget them."

"They're memory won't be forgotten," Hobbs said. "They're memory will always be here and they deserve it. They're good kids. They deserve every dime we spent, every minute we spent every sweat we dripped. I mean, they were all great kids. They didn't deserve what happened."

By their Junior year, the Sneads High class of 2015 had seen their fair share of tragedy. In 2011, Carson Faircloth died after going into a diabetic coma.

"Anyone who was sad or down, she'd bring them right up in a couple of seconds," Chrissy Cain said. "She was feisty" another friend, Mikayla Hatcher added laughing. "We all loved Carson" Cain said with a smile.

Nearly one year ago, Teddy Jeter, Bo McClamma and Brandon Hobbs were all killed in a single car crash after school.

"I miss them" Hatcher said, with tears streaming down her face. Cain shook her head, "I just wish they wouldn't have got in the car that day" she said.

"It's been long and hard" Felicia Merritt, Brandon Hobbs' mother said crying. "But, I've made it through with God, friends and family support and I know that I will see my son again."

Though no one could rewrite history, the boys' families were trying to rewrite Florida passenger restriction laws for teen drivers.

"It could have saved them" Hatcher said. Both she and Cain were in support of the parents efforts to change the law.

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