Bethel Village Says "Thank You" to Donors

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PANAMA CITY-- Bethel Village in Panama City opened their doors, Tuesday, to honor some very special people.

The event's purpose was to recognize over 200 people who have volunteered, donated and supported the relocation and recent renovations of the Bethel Village home.

The shelter hosts 52 women who are single-family household leaders and for those women with children who need stability.

The shelter also provides emergency lodging, transitional living, work program and addiction recovery for the community

Those in attendance were given tours of the shelter and shown each bedroom that was given a complete makeover thanks to donations.

Occupants of the shelter were able to assist with the decorations.

"We've been in this location for two years but we had a lot of donors that gave dear in our time for the renovations and we just want to recognize them and and just let them know how much we appreciate them," Thurman Chambers, the Executive Director of the Panama City Rescue Mission, said.

Bethel Village is the largest shelter for women in Bay County and still has to turn people away. The Panama City Rescue Mission plans on expanding the village by adding ten more bedrooms sometime next year.