Burglar Busted After Busting His Bike

BONITA SPRINGS, Florida - A burglary suspect is busted when he wrecks his bike after the crime.

Police in Bonita Springs responded to a motorcycle crash with injuries. When they arrived, police found 36-year-old Damon Miljour and his Harley Davidson lying in the road. He was taken to the hospital.

But Miljour and his motorcycle bike were not the only things in the road. Police found several items scattered, including sunglasses, wrist watches and shoes. The items appeared to be new and still had the price tags on them.

Police went to the surf shop where the items came from. The side window of the store had been smashed out. Police went inside and noticed merchandise out of place, so they contacted the manager who confirmed the items found at the crash site were taken from his store.

The stolen merchandise is worth $10,000.

Detectives then met with Miljour who claimed he didn't remember anything before waking up in the hospital. Memory loss or not, Miljour was arrested and charged with burglary, DUI, and grand theft.