Campus Crusade for Christ members talk to spring breakers about faith

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Panama City Beach-- Most college spring breakers come to the beach to unwind and let off a little steam. Others are here for a purpose.

More than 1,100 members of the Campus Crusades for Christ convention are here to spread the gospel.

Navigating their way through thousands of partying spring breakers, a thousand students are delivering a different message.

"We've just come down here to talk to others about the love that Christ has given us," said Melissa Crutchfield, a Senior at Texas Christian University.

Melissa Crutchfield and Michah Millet are spending the week walking the beaches, meeting new friends and talking to them about their faith.

"A lot students come down, even girls in my own sorority and all over just come down to kind of seek fulfillment in drinking and partying and I know at one point in my life I tried that too. And for me, it lead to complete emptiness and I know it does for a lot of these people here too. And we just want to give them an alternative and show them there is more to life than partying and drinking and that they can find true satisfaction," said Crutchfield.

So you may wonder how these students approach complete strangers and talk to them about religion. Well sometimes they just invite them to play volleyball or another type of sport or they use a card called the big break question card. It has general questions on it to help start a conversation.

The members say some aren't interested in talking but they receive mostly positive feedback. They believe their biggest role is to listen, regardless of what the spring breaker may be doing at the time.

The week long convention is taking place at the Edgewater Beach Resort.

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