Cancer Awareness Organization Stops in Holmes County

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HOLMES COUNTY-- A cancer survivor from Arkansas made his way to the Panhandle Tuesday, reaching out to cancer patients through plane rides.

Jim Davis wants to bring awareness to cancer, and tell patients to choose life.

Tuesday afternoon, Julie Mayo rode in an airplane for the first time. The quick trip through the clear blue sky is part of Jim Davis' "Passion Flights for Life" organization, where he hopes to raise cancer awareness.

"Every year too many people die of cancer because it's not detected early enough for the treatment to be affective," said Davis. "So I'm encouraging people get an annual physical," said Davis.

Seven-year-old Julie suffers from choroid plexus carcinoma, a brain cancer inside the spinal fluid.

"She had brain surgery," said Julie's mom Sara Mayo. "She had six months of chemotherapy and six weeks straight of radiation."

Diagnosed at four, Julie has been in remission going on three years.

"We've been thoroughly blessed," said Mayo. "It's a miracle. They gave her a 16% chance of coming off the operating room table. They said that most of the kids once diagnosed, they usually only live about five years."

Tuesday, Davis took his plane and his mission to the Tri-County Airport in Holmes County. He'll travel to each state across the country offering rides and spreading his message.

"There is life after cancer, and it's a decision," explained Davis. "When the doctor tells you, you got cancer, a lot of people become very depressed. I chose to live."

So far Davis has visited Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. He'll head to Georgia Wednesday morning. As of now, he's not visiting Hawaii or Alaska.