"I Could See This Coming", Cozzie's Close Friend Speaks Out

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We're learning more about the Santa Rosa Beach man believed to be responsible for murdering a Georgia teenager last Thursday while on summer vacation with her family in Seagrove beach.

Friday 21-year old Steven Anthony Cozzie was charged with an open count of murder. He's being held in the Walton County Jail after reportedly beating 15-year old Courtney Wilkes to death and leaving her body in a nearby wooded area just a mile away from the condo where she was staying with her family.

We're told Cozzie was a less than reputable person and his close friends and social networking sites are giving some insight into just who this man might be.

It all started with a walk on the beach but it all ended very differently. A Lyons, Georgia teenager, 15-year old Courtney Wilkes met a local man, 21-year old Steven Cozzie. She first went missing, then was found dead in this wooded area off Cypress Grove Lane. According to the incident report, Wilkes was violently beat to death with a stick.

"You don't do what this man did to a child and tell me that you have a soul..I'm not believing that" said Walton County Sheriff Mike Adkinson at Friday's press conference.

One of Cozzie's close friends is speaking out. She says she wasn't surprised when she heard the news.
"I could see this coming but at the same time, I never expected it to be him. It made no sense. He was acting fine just a couple days before that-- and he just snapped, something just snapped". She has asked not to be identified.

After doing some digging, we are getting a better idea of who this accused killer is from his MySpace page.

According to a blog that was posted in September, Cozzie seemed deeply disturbed. It states "You might think I'm crazy but ****, hit me up if you want my whole life story. It's filled with more tears and sorrow that my ex can even experience in a day."

Girls posted comments on his wall, describing him as "shady".

The 16-year old girl we talked to says he was attracted to younger girls.

"He would just fall in love with each and every one of us, like one-by-one he would fall in love, and every time we'd be like, 'Steven, you're too old, it's creepy".

We did confirm that Cozzie once worked as a dishwasher at Bruno's Pizza and authorities say he was recently kicked out of his mother's home and had been living at a nearby campsite.

His Facebook page has been de-activated, but when it was up, his about me section said "google it". Now, you certainly can and one Georgia family's vacation has turned to tragedy

Adkinson ended the Friday's press conference by adding, "It's going to be a long drive home, a long drive home."

Authorities are being very careful as to what they release about this case because it is still an on-going investigation. Most of the information we gathered on Cozzie's background was according to an anonymous source in addition to his social media sites.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office reports the only prior arrest Cozzie has had in Walton County was a minor trespassing-petty theft offense in 2009.

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