Comedian James Gregory performs for sold-out crowd at Martin Theater, vows to come back

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Panama City - The man known as "The Funniest Man in America" packed them into the Martin Theater in downtown Panama City Friday night. Comedian James Gregory performed in front of a sold out audience.

For a comedian, there is probably no better welcome than a sold out crowd, and Friday night his fans came from far and wide. "I'm from Atlanta. I love him. I follow him everywhere," said Tasha Chappelle.

While many comedians resort to raunch to get a laugh, Gregory's style is family friendly hilarity. I just think it's good business to have a show everyone can come to, it causes you broaden your fan base. Number 2, I feel better about it; and number 3, I still got kin folks alive that would kill me," said Gregory. Fans say it's humor they can relate to. "It's my life, he's hilarious, I love him," said Chappelle.

It's Gregory's 29th year touring, so what keeps him coming back to the stage? "I got house payments to make, I got bills to pay you know." He's calling this particular tour the "Save the Chicken" tour. "There is all this big deal now about all these endangered species as you know, we are trying to save everything now, bugs, worms, kangaroo rats. I used to say if you want me to be concerned you have to convince me that we are almost out of chickens and I'll be upset too."

He's visited Panama City many times, but never to perform, until Friday night. He says he'll be back. "We are going to make this a part of our annual tour. This facility, the Martin Theater is beautiful, we are sold out, everybody in town has been so good to us."

Gregory performs in Dothan at the Opry Saturday night.

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