Community Showing Support for Injured Firefighter

Danny Margagliano
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A South Walton firefighter and paramedic is in the Sacred Heart Intensive Care Unit in Pensacola after a diving accident left him paralyzed.

His friends, family, and community members are now trying to help him down the long road to recovery.

"The one person you would want to be there for you, if something like this happens, would be Danny Margagliano," said friend Opey Russ. "It would be him."

Nearly everyone who ever crossed paths with Danny Margagliano, even complete strangers, are now thinking and praying for him, and wanting to help any way they can.

The 36-year old firefighter, real estate agent, and former professional surfer hit bottom when he dived into the surf at Norriego Point in Destin.

"I just can't grasp with it. I mean, I'm riding my bike, thinking about him all the time. He can't surf right now and it's very difficult," said fellow real estate agent and co-worker Craig Baranowski.

Doctors say it's too soon to tell if Margagliano's paralysis will be permanent, but friends aren't waiting to help. A website has already been launched to collect donations and local businesses are jumping at the opportunity to pitch in

The Donut Hole in Santa Rosa Beach is sponsoring a fundraiser Saturday, donating the proceeds to Margagliano's medical bills.

"A few tears have been let out when he finds out what people are doing to help him. I mean this is a man whose job is to save lives and he's done it over and over again and never thinks twice about it," said Russ. "And that's why he's so special."

Here's the link to a website about Danny Margagliano and how you can help:

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