Concealed Weapons Continue to Increase in Florida

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Since the movie theatre shooting in Colorado earlier this month, just over seventy-nine hundred people have applied to purchase a gun in Florida. The numbers are about equal to the week before the shooting. But even before the shooting, Florida was on track to be the first state to have a million concealed weapons license holders.

As of June 30th in Florida, 952,415 people have a concealed weapons license. The state is expected to become the first with a million permits by the end of the year. The county with the highest concealed weapons license holders is Miami-Dade with 84,940.

"I recommend they do the research. Check into the laws and read it thoroughly. It's all internet based so you can print it out or read it. Take a concealed weapons class. Education is they key and know what kind of gun you are carrying," says Lieutenant Robert Luther of the Panama City Police Department.

In Bay County, 9,419 people are concealed weapon/ firearm license holders. The highest number of concealed weapon license holders in our area is Okaloosa County with 12,622. The lowest is Liberty County with only 234 licenses.

Other counties numbers in our area are: Calhoun- 442, Franklin- 532, Gulf- 633, Holmes- 1,038, Jackson- 2,780, Walton- 2,294, and Washington- 1,190.

The fee for a first time concealed weapons license in Florida is $112.00.