Cozzie Trial Day 2

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Several members of the Walton County Law Enforcement community testified about their roll in investigating the disappearance of Georgia teenager Courtney Wilkes

"As we stood there and spoke with the folks that called we learned she was telling us the description of what the child would be wearing and her age" said South Walton Fire District Medic and Firefighter Derek Smith.

"When I initially arrived on scene i made contact with the mother got a description, spoke with the brother. Asked if they had any cell phone communication" said Walton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy April Hanztis.

The longest testimony of the day and perhaps the most impactful came for twenty year old Michael Spencer - who says he used to be Steven Cozzie's best friend. Spencer testified Cozzie told him how he killed Wilkes - just two hours after the alleged murder occurred.

"What he had told me was that he had met her at the beach and took her for a walk. In fact he even took her to her hotel room to let her use the restroom and then started walking with her down the nature trail. And she said oh I don't want to go all the way. And she turned around and he proceeded to tell me how he had killed her" said Spencer.

Spencer says Cozzie then went into detail about the murder.

"He told me that he had strangled her with his shirt, her shirt, his bare hands. Stomped on the back of her neck and then found some sort of piece of wood and bashed her head in repeatedly" said Spencer.

Spencer says Cozzie then showed him the body - at which point he felt ancy, sick and unsafe - which is why he eventually called police. The prosecution will continue presenting their case tomorrow morning.

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