Buyers Need to Beware When Using Craigslist.

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BAY COUNTY-- According to Regina Burgess, the Community Relations Marketing Coordinator For the Bay County Public Library:

"Getting that $100 for that recliner is not worth your life."

In the last week, six people have been arrested in Bay County for allegedly duping would-be buyers on Craigslist only to either rob or assault them.

For some local residents, Craigslist's cheap prices, convenience and wide variety of items and services can sometimes be too good to pass up.

"You're not pressured into doing anything," said local Craigslist user Lewis Poppelreiter. "You can look at things if you decide to make an offer on something you can contact the person."

But meeting buyers or sellers in person can be dangerous.

"It is a problem, it's a growing problem," said Burgess. "People need to be aware of the situation and also the ways they can prevent some of the crimes that are happening."

Authorities say never give out personal information over Craigslist, bring your cell phone with you, alert a friend or family member of what you're doing, bring a buddy with you and meet in a well-lit public place.

Poppelreiter's wife came with him Friday to buy truck bed rails from NewsChannel 7's Brian Goddin via Craigslist.

"If I feel like there is something and I want someone to go with me then, I'll do that, it just depends on the circumstance," said Poppelreiter. "Everyone is different."

With Craigslist being a popular consumer website, many Bay County residents spend time at the public library surfing the site.

"You have to be very careful now, for the most part everything is going to be legitimate," said Burgess. "But it's the one time it's not, that can cause a lot of problems."

If you're a victim of fraud or a Craigslist scam you can call the Federal Trade Commission hotline at 877-FTC-HELP.