Cricket Fund Brings Hope To The Fight Against Breast Cancer

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PORT ST. JOE October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we continue to bring you stories in support of the fight.

We share with you a tough story of a woman who lost her fight against breast cancer, but whose legacy lives on through a fund helping to serve other women.

Already 60 people have already benefited from the fund. Kristina Russell, or better known in Port St. Joe as "Cricket," was just 22 when she lost her fight against breast cancer.

Her legacy lives on though through a fund that helps women who would not otherwise be able to get a mammogram or breast ultrasound.

"When my son was 18 I lost all insurance, so it's given me the chance to have my first mammogram," said Cricket Fund patient Cathryn Rhames.

Cathryn had her first mammogram just last week and when doctors saw something concerning they called her back for a second look.
She said it's important for people to understand it can happen to anyone at any age, like in Cricket's case.

"I've waited a long time myself not thinking of it, you know you always think it couldn't happen to you," said Rhames.

Cathryn said with the funding from this program she has no excuse not to get checked.

"You can come and get a mammogram, you can come and get an ultrasound if you don't have insurance, so you don't have to worry about it," said Sacred Heart on the Gulf Physician Liaison Andi Grogan.

The Cricket Fund is offered to anyone living in Gulf, Franklin County and Mexico Beach.

"You just come and we take care of it, you cannot even imagine the thankfulness and gratefulness of these women who have no hope and they call us and we are able to help them, it's incredible," said Grogan.

While Cricket's battle with cancer ended in November 2012, her memory lives on helping to save the lives of other women.

"Very unfortunate for her circumstances, but very grateful that we get the chance to you know, other people get the chance benefit from," said Rhames.

The Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk is two short days away. The Walk is this Saturday at Aaron Bessant Park at 8 a.m.

You can either form your own team, or come and join our NewsChannel 7 team.