Delta Plane Lands Safely

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West Bay - Federal investigators will be looking into a mishap involving a Delta airlines flight that landed safely this evening at Northwest Florida Beaches International. The flight landed with one good engine.

The flight left our local airport a little after 5:00 Thursday afternoon, heading to Atlanta, when one of the two jet engines on the MD-88 experienced problems. About five minutes after take off the 88 passengers aboard delta flight 1430 heard a disturbing noise come from the right side of the plane.

"We heard a large bang and we we're right over the wings and it sounded like a huge cannon and a big gun shot right next to your ear and we dropped a little bit on the right side," said Lena Cramer, passenger.

"I fly quite a bit and I’ve never heard a loud bang like that on an airplane," said Joseph Salemi, passenger.

Officials say the engine shut down. The pilot decided to turn around and head back to Northwest Florida Beaches International. Some passengers say even before the plane took off they felt something was wrong with at least one of the engines.

"The pilot came over the intercom and said we had to restart our engines and re-boot them and he made it sound like it was just run of the mill and happened a lot," said Cramer.

Back at the airport, emergency crews were standing by in-case there were problems with the landing. Fortunately that wasn't the case.

"The landing was really smooth. I guess the captain did a really good job bringing us in on a single engine," Salemi.

"People came out in applause and clapped once we landed," said Cramer.

Airport officials called-off the emergency crews after the plane landed safely.

"It’s all about being prepared and the safety of the traveling public," said Parker McClellan, NWFBIi Airport Executive Director.

But some passengers were still pretty shaken.

"It makes me not want to fly," said Cramer.

The Federal Aviation Administration and Delta officials are investigating the cause of the engine failure. Delta is putting all the passengers on their first Delta flight to Atlanta Thursday morning.

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